Getting Back Into Shape Workout Plan

A “getting back in shape workout plan” is ideal for fast-tracking your way back to optimum health. Similarly, working out is like riding a bike. Getting back into your workout routine after a long break is easier said than done. Here are guidelines to ensure you stick it out this time around.

Have A Basic Workout Plan

Set small goals for yourself. You are more likely to adhere to your workout plan if you keep things simple.

  • Do two workouts per week
  • Exercise no more than 30 minutes per workout
  • Focus on cardio
  • Stick to multi-joint compound lifts

Two Workouts Per Week

If you fail to commit to two workouts per week, chances are you’re not ready to embark on your comeback. At this point in the game, we’re seeking to establish habits. Habits are what keeps us motivated and committed to the cause. Failure to comply at this stage implies re-evaluating our priorities. Start by devoting specific days to working out and stay away from obstacles that hinder your gym time.

  • Choose specific days for working out
  • Focus on home workouts before gym memberships
  • Keep is simple and don’t obsess over your comeback
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30 Minute Workout Plan

Remember that this stage is all about forming a habit. Don’t worry about being unable to complete your legendary two hour workout sessions. We’re just not there yet. Instead, focus on completing 15 minute cardio sessions and follow it up with a brief multi joint workout plan. At this stage, results are instant so there’s no need for longer workout sessions. Lastly, brief workouts will keep you motivated and prevent you from overtraining.

  • 30 Minute Workout (15 Cardio + 15 Weights)
  • Choose any cardio machine
  • Choose Free Weights over Machines
  • Do light Squats, bench presses and pulldowns
  • Take short rest periods – 30 seconds max

The Science Behind Muscle Memory

Our nervous system and muscle fibers have hours of memories which are called into action upon our return to the gym. Moreover, this time period has us feeling our greatest as gains come easy while work output remains relatively low. I call this the honeymoon phase so enjoy it while it lasts.

Typically, muscle memory phenomena occurs with years of training. With significant training hours invested in your body, getting back in shape is easy. The more years under your belt, the more rewards there are to reap.

Focus on Cardio

A great cardio session can kick start your metabolism while sparking your inner fat-burning furnace. With age however, cardio becomes more important for our overall well-being. Personally, I’ve now prioritized heart-health over external attributes. Incidentally, improving your cardiovascular output now will undoubtedly come in handy once you begin more challenging workouts.

Stick to Multi-joint Compound Lifts

Don’t waste your time training arms. Rather, opt for compound lifts that utilize multiple joints. These are exercises such as squats, bench presses and deadlifts, for instance. These exercises offer the best bang for your buck and will establish the foundation for what’s to come. Remember that we are priming our bodies for the work ahead. Furthermore, we don’t want to fall off the band wagon by over-doing it in the gym. Conversely, stay away from machine based exercises as free weights solicit more muscle fibers. Finally, keep your workouts short. In other words, do as little as two to three sets per major muscle group.

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