How Do You Increase Muscle Size and What is The Fastest Way To Build Muscle?

How Do You Increase Muscle Size and What is The Fastest Way To Build Muscle
How Do You Increase Muscle Size and What is The Fastest Way To Build Muscle

Here is a question I’ve received countless times. Can you build muscle without steroids?

Moreover, my inbox is also flooded with the following inquiry: How big can you get naturally?

I have nothing against steroid users. Anabolic steroids, when used correctly, will increase muscle size. However, natural bodybuilders can make impressive gains – the type of gains onlookers might think were attributed to steroids.

Natural Bodybuilder Need To Stay In Their Lane

Nowadays, there are many impressive natural bodybuilders. Advancements in supplementations and training regimes are helping natural athletes overcome plateaus. YouTube videos and fitness blogs provide a slew of information to those willing to live a healthy lifestyle.

Admittedly, temptation reared its ugly head during my younger years. Could steroids be the solution I was looking for?

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I dreaded the unwanted side-effects such as organ failure, gynecomastia, mood swings, skin related problems, infections from needle use and low sex drive Not to mention the financial cost, a burden that would hinder my commitment to finishing college and earning my kinesiology degree.

In time however, I had discovered the fastest way to build muscle was through constant learning and making changes in my life. Most notably was my decision to ignore what other gym members were doing. I stayed in my lane. Fit people are notorious for comparing themselves to peers, which can become a source of frustration.

Stop Hating On Other Gym Members

I’d get triggered when gains came effortlessly for “other guys”. I wondered if they “cheated” with steroids or other anabolic agents. After all, they trained sporadically and did not exert the same level of intensity. How could they build muscle so quickly?

In hindsight, this was petty. I should have concentrated on my own gains and at the very least, celebrated their successes. Harboring negative energy will do nothing for you.

Things are different for natty bodybuilders….

Natural lifters need to pay closed attention to nutrition and workout routines. Also, natural athletes must concede to never being as big as our non-natural brothers – and that is fine.

Additionally, we must have mental toughness to overcome boredom and lackluster results. Slow gains erode your confidence and commitment. I now view slow gains as a step in the right direction.

The Hulk Effect

Taking steroids is a tremendous feeling. Imagine gaining muscle literally overnight. Changes this drastic will inflate your ego. Despite these benefits, I will err on the side of caution. Should you go the steroid route, it’s your duty to become informed.

I’ve often admired classic physiques. Classic physiques look unique and non cookie-cutter like. Frank Zane, Lee Haney, Shawn Ray and Flex Wheeler were not natural bodybuilders. Their physiques were balanced and were nice to look at. I can appreciate their symmetry and lines. Most people would love to walk around looking like smaller versions of the aforementioned pros.

It’s always interesting to see how our bodies transform from sheer determination rather than from chemicals prodding every muscle to “grow”.

Take a Chill Pill

At times when I felt discouraged I focused on other endeavors. Getting in shape is really one aspect of my life. I would like to consider myself more than your average meat head. Life is not only about being in shape. At low points in my life, I’ve targeted other interested as a distraction and quickly returned to exercising.

We live in an age where everything comes with a click of a mouse or the push of a button. Part of your body transformation takes place outside of the gym. Not only am I training my body, my mental toughness is exercised as well. Regular training sessions increases mental toughness and acuity especially during times of hardships.

I chose to give natural training a fair shot and I will share useful tips and trick to keep you motivated until your goal is reached.

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