Light Weights vs Heavy Weights Bodybuilding

lifting lighter weights
lifting lighter weights

Is it better to use light weights vs heavy weights in your bodybuilding workouts?

Is it better to use light weights vs heavy weights in your bodybuilding workouts?

The best workouts include a combination of light weights and heavy weights.
I remember hearing friends encouraging me to “work the muscle” when cranking out repetitions of an exercise. Eventually, I really understood what that meant. You don’t need an insane amount of weight to grow. In fact, working with light weight has its benefits. For one, working the muscle means that the muscle is doing the lifting and not your ego. For instance, doing biceps curls with 20 lbs with super strict technique as opposed to 50 lbs with shoddy form does nothing but put you at risk for injury and defeat.

It’s common to witness fit male models lifting lighter weights. Perhaps they have developed a great mind-body connection.
Here is a secret I’m letting you know….

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I used to and still lift using light weights. Forcing yourself to lift light ensures that you’re focusing on the targeted muscle while minimizing the use of ancillary muscles. All movements have a positive and a negative motion. The positive phase involved the shortening of the muscle while the negative is the lengthening of it.

While concentrating on the working muscles, I slowly execute the positive. I minimize the urge to use momentum to move the weight. I get a peak contraction at the end of the positive phase. This will cause my muscle tissue to forcefully contract while blood is flushed into the muscle under tension. More time is taken to lower the weight (negative phase). I perform 20 repetitions with light weight.  This technique helps me summon more muscle fibers and assists in bridging a deeper connection between your mind and body.


The ideal bodybuilding workout is a combination of light weights vs heavy weights. Try mixing things up during your next workout.

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