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Discover How I Train My Body Type

When you first start training at your local gym, you mimic your peers without fully understanding how their workouts affect your body type.

After spending years working out and copying what other guys at the gym were doing, you come to the realization that you’ve been wasting your time.

I get it.

We’ve all been there.

Thirty years ago when I first started training, I was reluctant to interrupt a stranger’s workout for training advice.

Annoying teenagers always found themselves at the gym, and as a result, I didn’t want to be like them.

So how do you get in shape without seeking the advice of seasoned weight lifters?

I never missed a workout and my body still looked like sh*t WTF?

Getting in shape isn’t easy and it’s not all about practice and dedication.

After all, I trained five days a week and I never missed a single workout.
I had put in the time, effort and work ethic and still, my body looked like crap.

Moreover, I was overcome with shame when asked how long I’d been training.

I had known guys who barely lifted that looked better than me. My lack of success left me feeling frustrated and defeated.

As time went on, I would spend upwards of 40% of my income on supplements and food. Keep in mind I was a full time university student holding down a part time job – money was tight.

So for years I’d follow this useless workout routine that offered minimal gains, generic exercises and was super demotivating…

Until one day, I made a discovery…

It’s about your body type

To know where you’re going you must first know where you are. Discovering my body type helped me do four things.

  • Workout smarter
  • Eat the right foods for my body type
  • Save time in the gym
  • Save money on costly supplements I no longer needed

There are three basic body types, of which your body’s response to training is dependent upon. Ectomorphs have the inherit ability of developing some of the best physiques compared to endomorphs and mesomorphs. My free guide takes an in-depth look at the three somatotypes and outlines the best ways to maximize muscle growth while reducing fat.

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